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Denitsa Sacheva: There is external provocation and intervention for tensions over the new Social Services Act


Denitsa Sacheva, picture BGNES

Social Minister Denitsa Sacheva believes there is outside intervention to create tension around the new Social Services Law and claims that children will be abducted by parents. According to Sacheva, this intervention must be investigated.

„We can definitely talk about serious external provocation and intervention. I cannot say because I am not an investigative service, but it gives me the impression that there are groups that are radicalized when we call for dialogue, which is a clear sign that the requests are obviously different, not family policies. It is also noteworthy that just before the local elections there was a deliberate rumor in the Roma villages that children would be taken.Thats why they brought their children out of school.There are provocations that need to be investigated,“ Sacheva said.

According to her words, serious external provocation and interference with the planting of fears that the children will be taken away are surmposed on the real fears of people and legal cases of our compatriots with foreign laws.

Asked where they came from, Sacheva said that there are political parties that have already identified themselves with these requests – for example, the political party „Vyrazhdane“ (Renascense), but according to the minister, she is not a representative of an investigative authority to say exactly who is behind it.

Sacheva pointed out that this has already been discussed with the investigating authorities, but the topic is likely to be raised at a higher government level as there are probably people who are currently targeting anti-European policy and it needs to be seen whether there are political nuances in the requests.

„We need to make sure that we remove the real fears, and if there is someone who has quasi-political or quasi-religious demands within the protesting people, the relevant,investigative authorities should deal with it,“ Sacheva added.

Sacheva again said that there are no new actions for children and families in the Social Services law.

„The law was passed because of the need for regulations on social services, which have been running for 15 years in Bulgaria, and there are already 1356 social services across the country. There needs to be a map of these services so that, supply and demand are regulated, and not to create uncontrolled services where there is no need for them, but at the same time to have places without social services.”, Sacheva said. „Standards for quality of services are necessary, that’s why an Agency for quality of social services is created. Law concerns the quality of social services And not to family policies“, the minister said.



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